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10. Work and Attendance (16/17)

Studying at university is an activity undertaken by adults who take responsibility for ensuring that they study diligently, including attending all appropriate classes, in order to maximise the educational and learning benefit they derive from the course. Students who do this need not read the rest of this section.

However, experience shows that students sometimes need more formal encouragement to attend and work in a satisfactory manner, and the University encapsulates this formally in Regulation XX, "Monitoring Attendance and Wellbeing of Students

( http://documents.manchester.ac.uk/display.aspx?DocID=1895 ). For the purposes of the regulation, in the School of Physics and Astronomy, the "Programme Committee" is the school's Teaching Committee, which discharges its responsibilities under this regulation by delegation to the respective Year Tutors and Year Laboratory Tutors.

You should aim to attend all lectures, laboratory classes, workshops, tutorials and examples classes associated with your programme, and the core and optional course units which you have selected. Each Year Tutor may designate attendance at certain classes as compulsory, and attendance at these classes is recorded and monitored. If you are unable to attend any such class because of poor health, you should complete a temporary interruption of study form (see section 3.10).

Attendance at all your scheduled laboratory classes is compulsory, and you are required to complete experiments and submit reports as specified by the Year Laboratory Tutor. In all years, failure to reach the pass mark overall in lab (40%) means that you may not graduate or progress to the next year. There are no lab resits, so a failure in lab constitutes the end of your studies in the school. In your final year, submission of a satisfactory dissertation (BSc) or the satisfactory completion of project work (MPhys) are required in order to be awarded an honours degree.

You must hand in work in advance of tutorials to demonstrate satisfactory effort to study core course units, and you must attend all of your scheduled tutorials, workshops, examples classes and any other session designated compulsory by the Year Tutor.

Attendance at all examinations is compulsory. Any student who misses an exam for any reason whatsoever should contact the school undergraduate office immediately. (See section 3.11 for further details on what to do if illness is the reason). Any student who without good cause fails to attend all written papers in any examination period will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

Please note that if you are studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, you may be subject to additional attendance checks in order to comply with the terms of your visa.

This section should be read in conjunction with sections 3.10 (Student Work and Attendance), 3.11 (Student Ill-Health and Assessment) and the paragraphs in section 8.1 (Assessment: General Information) concerning "Illness and Other Circumstances Affecting Assessment" and "Retaking a Year".