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School of Physics and Astronomy

11 Syllabuses (16/17)

This section lists the syllabuses for the course units taken by undergraduates in the school. Please note:

* Physics units, denoted by PHYSXXXXX, are listed in order of their course code number XXXXX.

* Course units from other schools of the University are listed after the physics units in alphabetical order, together with web addresses for full details.

* Each unit has a credit rating which reflects the effort needed to satisfactorily complete the course. 120 credits are needed for a full year of study. A 10 credit unit is expected to require about 100 hours of study in total. Note that some (compulsory) parts of each programme are not credit-weighted.

* Wherever possible syllabuses have been defined from specific textbooks. These texts are available in the School Library and in the John Rylands University Library. Students will find it useful to purchase some of these texts. However, they are advised to delay any purchase until the beginning of the lecture unit when the lecturer will discuss the merits of the various alternative texts available.

Pre-requisites in italics are not core courses.