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11.3 Physics Level 1 (16/17)

Documents in this section
PHYS10071 Mathematics 1
PHYS10101 Dynamics
PHYS10121 Quantum Physics and Relativity
PHYS10180_AND_10280 First Year Laboratory
PHYS10180E Digital Electronics
PHYS10181B Computing and Data Analysis
PHYS10181F Special Topics in Physics
PHYS10181L Light and Optics
PHYS10182C Circuits
PHYS10191 Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology
PHYS10302 Vibrations and Waves
PHYS10342 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS10352 Properties of Matter
PHYS10372 Mathematics 2
PHYS10461 Physics in Everyday Life
PHYS10471 Random Processes in Physics (M)
PHYS10622 Physics of Energy Sources
PHYS10672 Advanced Dynamics (M)
PHYS10692 Physics of the Solar System