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School of Physics and Astronomy

11.4 Physics Level 2 (16/17)

Documents in this section
PHYS20101 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS20141 Electromagnetism
PHYS20161 Introduction to Programming in C
PHYS20171 Mathematics of Waves and Fields
PHYS20180_AND_20280 Second Year Laboratory
PHYS20181E Amplifiers and Feedback
PHYS20252 Fundamentals of Solid State Physics
PHYS20312 Wave Optics
PHYS20352 Thermal and Statistical Physics
PHYS20401 Lagrangian Dynamics (M)
PHYS20491 Galaxies
PHYS20612 Introduction to Photonics
PHYS20672 Complex Variables and Vector Spaces (M)
PHYS20692 Astrophysical Processes
PHYS20762 Computational Physics
PHYS20811_AND_20821 Professional Skills
PHYS20872 Theory Computing Project