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11.5 Physics Level 3 (16/17)

Documents in this section
PHYS30101 Applications of Quantum Physics
PHYS30121 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHYS30141 Electromagnetic Radiation
PHYS30151 Thermal Physics of Bose and Fermi Gases
PHYS30180_AND_30280 Third Year Laboratory
PHYS30201 Mathematical Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (M)
PHYS30392 Cosmology
PHYS30441 Electrodynamics (M)
PHYS30471 Introduction to Nonlinear Physics (M)
PHYS30511 Nuclear Fusion and Astrophysical Plasmas
PHYS30611 Lasers and Photonics
PHYS30632 Physics of Medical Imaging
PHYS30672 Mathematical Methods for Physics (M)
PHYS30732 The Physics of Living Processes
PHYS30762 Programming in C++
PHYS30811 2nd Year Vaction Essay
PHYS30880 BSc Dissertation
PHYS31692 Exoplanets