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11.6 Physics Level 4 (16/17)

Documents in this section
PHYS40181_AND_40182 MPhys Projects
PHYS40202 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (M)
PHYS40222 Particle Physics
PHYS40322 Nuclear Physics
PHYS40352 Solid State Physics
PHYS40411 Soft Matter Physics
PHYS40421 Nuclear Structure and Exotic Nuclei
PHYS40422 Applied Nuclear Physics
PHYS40451 Superconductors and Superfluids
PHYS40481 Quantum Field Theory (M)
PHYS40521 Frontiers of Particle Physics 1
PHYS40571 Advanced Statistical Physics (M)
PHYS40580 Laboratory For Students Returning From A Year Abroad
PHYS40591 Radio Astronomy
PHYS40612 Frontiers of Photon Science
PHYS40622 Nuclear Forces and Reactions
PHYS40631 Laser Photomedicine
PHYS40652 Physics of Fluids
PHYS40682 Gauge Theories (M)
PHYS40692 Stars and Stellar Evolution
PHYS40712 Semiconductor Quantum Structures
PHYS40722 Frontiers of Particle Physics 2`
PHYS40732 Biomaterials Physics
PHYS40752 Frontiers of Solid State Physics
PHYS40771 Gravitation (M)
PHYS40772 Early Universe (M)
PHYS40811 Physics Professional Placement
PHYS40992 Galaxy Formation
PHYS41702 Physics and Reality
PHYS46111 Frontiers of Laser Physics