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1.2 Master's and Bachelor's Degrees (16/17)

Undergraduate students may graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) after three years of study or with a Master of Physics degree (MPhys) after four years of study. The relation between the BSc and MPhys degree programmes is as follows:

· Both degree programmes prepare students for careers as professional physicists. Our high academic standards enable our BSc and MPhys graduates to compete effectively for postgraduate studentships.

· Both degree programmes prepare students for employment as scientifically aware graduates in industry and in commerce. In particular, both degree programmes develop the ability to communicate clearly and confidently, to analyse complex problems, to describe events using precise terms, to use modern technology confidently and to have an understanding of the principles underlying technology.

· The BSc is ideal for students wishing to obtain an excellent and highly valued undergraduate degree leading to a wide range of career paths. It also provides entry to specialised postgraduate masters degrees suitable for particular careers and progression to higher degrees.

· The fourth year of the MPhys provides additional opportunities for students to show initiative, to learn independently, to research and to gather information. It requires students to undertake projects which provide insight into the nature of research in experimental or theoretical physics and to study topics in advanced physics in depth. To continue on the four-year programme a student requires a mark of 55% in the second year assessment and a third year mark above 50%.

Because the first two years of study of the three-year and the four-year degree programmes are identical, all students are recommended to register initially for a four-year Master's degree.

Decisions on whether to graduate after three years with a Bachelor's Degree or after four years with a Master's degree are normally taken at the end of the second year of study. In special circumstances, students who opt for a Master's degree may request to be considered for a Bachelor of Science degree at the end of the third year, but before registration at the beginning of the fourth year, provided they have successfully completed the examinations in the first three years at The University of Manchester.