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3. Student Support and Guidance (16/17)

Listed below are various sources of guidance for students. In case of any problems, a student is encouraged in the first instance to make contact with their Personal Tutor (see section 3.2). However, not all tutors can be accessible all the time, and it is useful to know other contacts. If you have personal problems which are affecting your work you should consider talking to Gé raldine Garrabet ( geraldine.garrabet@manchester.ac.uk ) who is the Student Support Officer based in the School Teaching and Learning Office (section 1.5). If the problem involves course choices, your Programme Director should be contacted (section 7). Alternatively, if you have additional concerns about your studies you may also contact your Year Tutor (section 7) who is the appropriate person to contact at any time if you wish to request a change of personal tutor. If this is not possible, you may also contact the Deputy Director of Teaching & Learning. The School Teaching and Learning Office will always be happy to advise on the most appropriate person to contact. Beyond the School, the University operates a Counselling Service (see section 3.3).