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6.5 The LEAP (Language Experience for All) Programme (16/17)

Foreign language courses - Offered as part of the University Language Centre's institution-wide language programme (LEAP), these courses are available to students from across the University and may be studied on a credit or on a non-credit basis to complement your degree. Currently there are 17 languages, ranging from the main international languages (e.g. French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German) to a number of lesser taught languages (e.g. Japanese, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish), offered at various levels. For more information on the full range of languages and levels that are available, please consult the University Language Centre website via the link given below.

Note that the course code (e.g. ULXXn0xys) indicates the language (XX) and the level (n). Pre-requisites are listed separately for each course.

Information about these and other available units is given on the University Language Centre website - http://www.languagecentre.manchester.ac.uk/

You are strongly advised to read the FAQ's on the LEAP website.

Most units are year-long units counting for twenty credits and are open to undergraduates, providing that they are taking the unit as an integral part of their degree. Because of the nature of language learning, 100% attendance is expected on these courses. Students may not normally register for a language course which is more than one level beneath their own, e.g. a level 1 course in third year. Exceptions are occasionally made where the student wishes to take the course for good reason (e.g. career-related) and the Programme Director is satisfied that the course represents a sufficient academic challenge in the light of the student's prior knowledge of foreign languages.

Undergraduate students who do not have credits available but would still like to take a language course, can do so after payment of a fee. Please see Language Centre website for further information.

Registration of Physics Students:

1st year Physics with Study in Europe students should register as soon as possible in Registration Week. Students should register in person in room S3.3 in the Samuel Alexander Building.

2nd and 3rd year students can register from April onwards either in person in the LEAP office or by post after downloading and completing a LEAP enrolment form. Lists for those students who have successfully registered by Registration Week should be posted in the Samuel Alexander Building, outside SG14.

Class lists including 1st year students will be posted early in the 1st teaching week.

Students needing general advice on language course units should contact the study in Europe Co-ordinator.