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6.8 Study Abroad (16/17)

There are opportunities for a limited number of students to study abroad at an English-language university in their third year, as part of their Manchester degree. The Study Abroad programme is available to MPhys and MMath&Phys students on all degree programmes.

There are many benefits to studying abroad:

1.It is the opportunity of a lifetime

2.It helps you grow as a person

3.It gives you a new perspective on your subject area and on higher education

4.It helps you in the job market

5.It broadens your horizons

Physics students can apply to study abroad for either one semester or for the full 3rd year. Most students apply to The University of California, which only allows full-year placements. Students have on occasion gone to other partner universities, such as the National University of Singapore and universities in Canada. Exchanges are dependent on the availability of courses at the host university that match the Manchester core material. Available courses can change over time, and this may necessitate changes to the possible exchange partners.

Information about the Study Abroad programme is given at an open meeting in the School, during October. All second-year students are informed by email of the date of this meeting. The deadline for applications is normally in December, in the academic year before the intended exchange. Applications are made to the International Programmes Office of the University, who will allocate available places.

All applications need to be approved by the Academic Exchange Advisor. Approval depends on the proposed course of study, academic achievement, and tutorial attendance and performance.

The Study Abroad programme is academically challenging. The School requires an average grade for the core Physics modules in excess of 70%. The opinion of the academic tutors will normally be sought. All students going abroad in year 3 are required to attend additional maths examples classes in S4, and satisfactory attendance and completion of coursework are required for approval to go abroad. The School reserves the right to withdraw a student from the exchange programme if the academic performance or tutorial attendance drops below these minimum levels at any time before the exchange. Students will also be withdrawn from the exchange if they fail to proceed on the MPhys programme, or if the School judges them to be at risk of failing the MPhys progression criteria during the year abroad.

Further information about administrative aspects of the exchanges may be obtained from the International Programmes Office.