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School of Physics and Astronomy

7. School Teaching and Administration Structure (16/17)

7. School Teaching and Administration Structure

Head of School Prof. S. Watts ( Stephen.Watts@manchester.ac.uk )

Head of School Administration Mrs. Sarah Mulholland ( sarah.mulholland@manchester.ac.uk )

Director of Teaching and Learning Prof. T. O'Brien ( tim.obrien@manchester.ac.uk )

Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning: Dr. M. Hughes ( mark.hughes@manchester.ac.uk )

Senior Education Officer Miss. Suzanne Nightingale ( suzanne.nightingale@manchester.ac.uk )

Programme Directors

Physics Prof. T. O'Brien ( tim.obrien@manchester.ac.uk )

Physics with Astrophysics Dr. P. Weltevrede ( patrick.weltevrede@manchester.ac.uk )

Physics with Study in Europe Dr. T. Galla ( tobias.galla@manchester.ac.uk )

Physics with Theoretical Physics Dr. M. Godfrey ( michael.j.godfrey@manchester.ac.uk )

Physics with Philosophy Dr. A. Markwick ( andrew.markwick@manchester.ac.uk )

Mathematics and Physics Dr. M. Dasgupta ( mrinal.dasgupta@manchester.ac.uk )

The Year Tutors are:

First Year: Dr. M. Hughes ( mark.hughes@manchester.ac.uk )

Second Year: Dr. P. Campbell ( paul.campbell-3@manchester.ac.uk )

Third Year: Dr. Y. Xian( yang.xian@manchester.ac.uk )

Fourth Year: Dr. P. Weltevrede( patrick.weltevrede@manchester.ac.uk )

The Lab Tutors are:

Chair of Lab Committee: Dr. N. Jackson ( neal.jackson@manchester.ac.uk )

First Year: Dr. M. Lloyd ( myfanwy.lloyd@manchester.ac.uk )

Second Year: Dr. P. Leahy ( j.p.leahy@manchester.ac.uk )

Third Year: Dr. P. Parkinson ( patrick.parkinson@manchester.ac.uk )

Fourth Year: Dr. P. Weltevrede( patrick.weltevrede@manchester.ac.uk )

The Year Examiners are:

First Year: Dr. R. Appleby ( robert.appleby@manchester.ac.uk )

Second Year: Dr. S. Kay ( scott.kay@manchester.ac.uk )

Third Year: Prof. M. Seymour ( michael.seymour@manchester.ac.uk )

Fourth Year: Prof. M. Seymour ( michael.seymour@manchester.ac.uk )

Other Roles

Academic Exchange Advisor Dr. Y. Peters ( yvonne.peters@manchester.ac.uk )

Study in Europe Co-ordinator Dr. T. Galla ( tobias.galla@manchester.ac.uk )

Senior Advisor Prof. A. Juel ( anne.juel@manchester.ac.uk )

BSc Programme Director Dr. J. Evans ( Justin.evans@manchester.ac.uk )

Chair of School Board: Dr. A. Markwick ( Andrew.markwick@manchester.ac.uk )

Chair of Student Reps: J. Hayes ( joshua.hayes@student.manchester.ac.uk )

External Examiners

The External Examiners for these programmes are:

Prof. Alan Heavens, Imperial College London

Prof. Don Paul, University of Warwick

and another external to be appointed

Please note that it is inappropriate for students to make direct contact with External Examiners under any circumstances, in particular with regards to a student's individual performance in assessments. Other appropriate mechanisms are available for students, including through the School's own procedures and committees, the University's appeals or complaints procedures and the UMSU Advice Centre. In cases where a student does contact an External Examiner directly, External Examiners have been requested not to respond to direct queries. Instead, External Examiners should report the matter to their School contact who will then contact the student to remind them of the other methods available for students. If students have any queries concerning this, they should contact the School teaching and learning office.

The external examiners have asked to meet some students from all years, informally, to discuss the course in general. This will be arranged on the day of the finals examination meeting, in June 2017. The date will be available on Blackboard once confirmed. Any student still in Manchester then will be invited to meet them over lunch.